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About 4FANZ

A place to innovate on things that no one works

We started our journey in 2014 to research on something. At that time we had one goal to invent a privacy focused business model around Social Networking.

But we ended up inventing this Wheel of Wonder based on our Zone-Domain-Role Architecture.

If you are in investor here is some points that you should know about 4FANZ.

We have the unique distinction to get 4FANZ trademark approved for all most all the services.

Other Key Points
  • IN 36 Zones we are launching 150 premium domains.
  • A typical user can have 150 LatterBox IDs
  • The Wheel of Wonder is a Patent Pending Technology
  • We are a Global Listing Plus Provider
  • We are a Privacy Must Company
  • We intend to License this wheel to companies to use the WOW in their Intranet.
  • We expect huge number of Businesses to onboard as we are the only Global Listing Provider.
  • We Won Several Achievemnt Awards.
  • When can I Onboard ? March 1st Week 2022. Watch Here
  • What Role would be suitable for My Business ? Register as a user and find your Zone.
  • Who is Founder of 4FANZ ? Manoj Kumar Padhi
  • Any Co-Founder ? No
  • Are you open to Crowd Funding ? Yes Minimum $1000/user
  • What is Current Valuation of your company ? $10 Million
  • How much fund you are looking at: $500000.00
  • Any investors onboarded yet. This is first time we intend to onboard one or more investor. We just started this in Feb 2022.
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